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Significance or Importance Of Charnamrit

Significance or Importance Of Charnamrit

Charnamrit has the special significance for Hindus. Charnamrit means the water that is used to give a bath to deities that propel down through their lotus feet and later collected in the brass or bronze pot.

How to prepare Panchamrit?

Charnamrit is usually combined with a few leaves of Tulsi, curd, unboiled milk, Pure Ghee, Sugar and Honey. This special combination of Charnamrit along with above ingredients is called Panchamrit.

How to take Charnamrit/Panchamrit?

Panchamrit is kept in front of the deity in the prayer meeting at the temple or home. When the prayers are completed, Panchamrit is dispersed to the devotees in their right-hand cupped palm that is supported by their left cupped palm. Devotees have Charamrit with full devotion and then place their moistened hand over the head to give respect to the importance of Panchamrit.

Charnamrit/Panchamrit Mantra

In temples, Hindu Priest recites one special Mantra while dispersing Charamrit/Pachamrit to the devotees. The special Mantra is as follows:

Akalmrityuharanam Sarvadhivinasham,
Vishnudodakam Pitva Purnajanam na Vidyate.

Meaning Of Charnamrit/Panchamrit Mantra

It is believed that whosoever take Panchamrit will be blessed with the long life, divnity and attain salvation to get rid of the vicious circle of death and rebirth.


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